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IT Consultancy.

Using tech magic to make IT work for you.

With 15 years experience working in IT, most of which as a manager, and having helped multiple small businesses with their IT requirements, I am available on a consultancy basis to help provide advice or support for any IT projects that you may have.

Software & Software Development

The chances are that anything you are doing on paper or by hand can be computerised, automated or streamlined in some way. I have a vast knowledge of software available, both commercial and open source (free) solutions and I'm able to provide assistance in sourcing the right solution for your requirements.

I have also designed, developed and implemented many pieces of software myself over the years, including:

  • Multiple database driven systems with 50+ users which form the core of a companies data, including client databases and product databases which then feed through to websites.
  • Software designed to "extend" third party software - adding much needed extra functionality.
  • Developed interactive dashboards to pull data from third party systems allowing management to see all the data they require and manipulate as required.
  • Created a purchase order and invoicing system to streamline the process of invoice checking and approval.
  • Designed and developed a fleet management system with real time cost calculator, taking into account costs of the entire fleet, fuel, wage costs and overheads to calculate costs for any given trip.
  • Built a small program that's capable of generating the winning lottery numbers, predicting sports outcomes and finding habitable planets within a billion light years. Ok, maybe not. It's only a million light years.

Hardware & Networking

From building PC's and running network cable, through to implementing and maintaining servers, I've built and maintained multiple networks at a hands on level, ranging from small workgroups of 3 or 4 pcs through to multi site networks connect together with a wireless point to point link and in excess of 150 devices.

With this experience and knowledge, I am in a unique position to be able to help you with almost any IT project that you may have. Whether it's sourcing a new computer, setting up an entire new network, connecting different sites together or even install an IP based CCTV system.

My involvement can either be on a consultancy basis, providing training or recommendations so you are able to perform the task yourself or outsource as required, or I am able to carry out the task myself - taking the project from concecption to completion.