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Bespoke Design

Responsive Website Design

Every website that I work on is designed from scratch (unless you have a completed design that you would like me to use). Unlike some "Web Designers" who are happy to use a premade template, change a few colours and drop your logo in, I do not use premade templates unless specifically requested by you.

Once an order has been placed, I will normally do 2 or 3 different designs. Prior to this I will ask for a list of websites that you like the look of, so that I know the style of website you are wanting.

Using your feedback, one of the designs will then be tweaked to come up with a final design, which will then be turned into a fully working website.

Website Functionality

Responsive Website Design

While many of the clients I have worked with just require a basic website to advertise their business or products, occasionally a client needs a bit more functionality.

I am able to add as many components to your website as required. Some examples of the extras I can add include:

  • Blog - A blog can be used if you plan to regularly add new stories, articles or news to your website.
  • Ecommerce - from a single product with a "buy" button through to entire catalogues with complex shopping carts.
  • eBay, Amazon & Etsy integration - If you already have products listed on another site, I can make your website display all your products automatically from those.
  • Bookings & Reservations - A complete bookings and reservations system can be added to your website, showing availability and pricing and allowing you to take bookings online.
  • Bake A Cake - Ok, so I can't make a website bake you a cake, but you get the picture.

Easy To Update

Responsive Website Design

All the websites I make are designed so that you can update them yourself. How much you are able to update and how the update process works will depend on the type of website and your technical ability. Provided you know how to use something such as Microsoft Word though, you should be able to update content on a basic website without any issues.

Anything which may affect the "design" of the website, ie adding new pages, changing layouts etc is usually better being done by me. I can update as much or as little as you require at any time, with ad-hoc updates being charged at an hourly rate.

A PDF showing you how to update your website will also be included once it is finished. If you need a bit more help, or just like my company that much, I am able to offer in person training as well.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

For the first time, more people are browsing the web on their mobile phones than at a laptop or computer. While it is more convenient and gives you an excuse to not have to talk to other people, mobile phone screens are a lot smaller than a typical PC monitor and are interacted with in a different way (ie your fingers and thumbs rather than a mouse and keyboard) and therefore a website that works on a PC is unlikely to work very well on a mobile phone.

With this in mind, each of my websites is responsive and adapts to the screen it is being viewed on, ensuring a good experience for the viewer, whether they are using a mobile phone, a huge TV or anything inbetween.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

Once you have a website, you then need to get visitors to it. This is known as "Search Engine Optimisation" and is the process of making your website look as relevant as possible to the search engines (lets be honest, it's just Google people really care about) for various search terms that you want to rank for.

The first part of Search Engine Optimisation is ensuring that your website is "Search Engine Friendly". This includes various things such as:

  • Using the terms you want to rank for in the content of your website.
  • Editing the Title and Meta tags of your pages to be relevant.
  • Adding relevant images, with relevant names and alt text.
  • Contact information, Sitemaps and Terms & Conditions pages.
  • Black magic and praying to the Google Gods.

For complex and non localised terms, a further ongoing Search Engine Campaign may be required which includes reputation and link building on a constant basis.

W3C Validated Code

W3C Validated Code

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is the organisation responsible for developing standards for the web.

Every website I make is checked to ensure that it validates with their standards. By doing this, it ensures that the website looks and works as it should on as many devices as possible and will continue to in the future.

A lot, in fact most websites do NOT pass the W3C validation - including the likes of Google and Amazon, so you might ask if it's that important and why bother? The answer is why not? Most errors can be fixed quickly and easily and will help to prevent issues with your website, so surely it can only be a good thing?

You can check the validation of any website, using the W3C Validation Checker on their website.